Kim sang beom will marry Moon Geun Young or Oh Yoen Seo?

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Real name Kim Sang Beom is Kim Sang Beom. He was born in 1989 and grown up in Korea but his homeland is Shanghai , China. His mother homeland is Shanghai, China, but his father homeland is Korea. All his member family were born in Korea . His grandfathers moved to Korea to live and stay in Korea long time ago. But he isnt sad because he was born in Korea.

He graduated his high school in Seoul and his father alowed him to go to Chung Ang Univerisity , major moive.

He dont have a lot of medol in moive major , but because he has homeland from China , so he could become an famous actor that noone even his fan knew.

when Kim Sang Beom was 24 years old, the Kim Sang Beom first love is Moon Geun Young , he met and dated Moon Geun Young ,one of a famous and beautiful korea actor. He loved and dated with her 3 years ago since 2013 and after that they broke up . Their fans was very hurt when they heard Geun Young and Kim Bum broke up

Kim Bum and his company didnt say anything about Kim Bum and his girl friend Moon Geun Young broke up. Neither did Moon Geun Young company.Her company also didnt say anything her love for her fan to knowHe

After breaking up Moon Geun Young, Kim Beom met and dated Oh Yeon Seo , also a nice girl from korea showbiz.No one know they have already become couple or not, and their fan hoped they had a great wedding not far a future.

Although Kim Sang Beom hasnt got married with Moon Geun Young, It doesnt meant that He never get married with her. She is not only a beautiful , but also a talent girl . Both of their fans hope they can get married not far in the future.

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